Vacuum Metalizing Plastics with Brilliant Colors, Gradients, and Patterns

When shimmer and shine alone won’t cut it, count on Marca to bring the sparkle.

We know your products have to be as hard-working as they are beautiful. That’s why partnering with Marca Coating Technologies for all your vacuum metalized plastic needs makes sense. Marca’s satisfied customers around the globe count on our patented physical vapor deposition technologies to produce superior metallized plastic parts with variable- speed rotation, higher sputtering energies, and closer part-to-substrate range adhesiongold plating plastic metallization

Whether you’re looking for traditional or specialty finishes in the cosmetic, personal care, liquor, or writing implements, Marca’s high-quality vacuum metalized plastics will exceed your expectations. We partner with our customers to provide uniform, consistent, vacuum metalizing plastics to all three-dimensional caps, closures, jars, and bottles, regardless of the metallic effect.

Expect More From Your Decorator

Marca Coatings Technologies provides the highest-quality vacuum metallized plastics in the industry. But we don’t stop there. If you need a sheer translucent coating, eye-catching gradients, or two-toned metallic effects to take your products from simple to show-stopping, we’ll work with your design team to find the perfect eye-catching effect that hits the sweet spot with both your marketing and product design teams.

Enjoy a New Universe of Options at NO ADDITIONAL COST

We won’t pass arbitrary “customization costs” to you or your customers. You’ll save money and maintain flexibility from one set of parts to another on the same line. We offer high, consistent quality and low scrape rates whether you’re looking for traditional silver or gold, colors, or more complex gradient, translucent, or two-tone effects.

Reach Out Today!

If you can dream it, chances are Marca can do it; our unique PVD vacuum sputtering metallization equipment provides unique vacuum metallized plastic effects our competitors’ industry-standard equipment simply can’t match.gradient plastic metallization Programmable menus on our equipment allow for on-the-fly chances that produce multiple layers and thicknesses of metal coatings. With configurable combinations of metal targets, we can create nearly any look your customer desires. Our patented part rotation system, combined with the fast-cycle, high throughput of our patented chambers, means we can fulfill large jobs up to 60 million parts/year at a fraction of the price of our competitors who rely on obsolete technologies.

Send us your plastic parts and let our team of design engineers and vacuum metalized plastic experts show you how our best-in-class metallization transforms a basic cap, closure, jar, bottle, and/or insert into an eye-catching gradient, translucent, or color changing metallized plastic asset.