Experts in vacuum metallization services

Marca Coating Technologies provides state-of-the-art vacuum metallization services and custom, fully integrated vacuum metallization services equipment for large scale manufacturers around the world. We’re experts in the field of vacuum metallization services, which means we provide beautiful PVD coatings, decorative metal finishing, and vacuum metalized plastics, all while reducing costs and improving the overall quality of your finished product.

We virtually eliminate the long lead times, poor quality control, and high shipping costs associated with overseas vacuum metallization services providers. With custom tooling and a strong commitment to individualized customer service, we’ll help you turn out an end product that makes you proud, all while saving time and money.

Routinely working with parts as small as 50mm or as large as 110mm, we help large scale manufacturing clients in the beauty, technology, and beverage industries with cost-effective vacuum metallization services, all without sacrificing form or function. Count on our PVD sputtering equipment to produce superior metallized decoration on plastic or glass, and on critical and highly visible materials such as caps, closures, jars, and bottles.

Whether you’re looking to bring your large scale PVD coatings in-house, or need a vacuum metallization service provider to handle all your decorative metallization finishing, you can count on Marca’s experts, from conceptual planning straight through delivery of a nearly flawless product. Reach out today to find out how we can help you with all your vacuum metallization services needs.