Functional PVD coatings on plastic, metal, and glass

Marca Coating Technologies patented physical vapor deposition coatings (PVD coatings) offer unparalleled quality and value for large scale manufacturers across a wide variety of industries. With decades of experience in both metallization and automation, our patented physical vapor deposition coating technologies provide functional vacuum metallization coatings on plastic, metal, and glass parts, with or without base or topcoats.Functional Metallization - handle before and after

Whether your company is looking to bring vacuum metallization technologies in-house for a fully integrated manufacturing process, or are seeking an experienced partner to handle physical vapor deposition coatings for you, Marca’s experienced vacuum metallization team can provide PVD coatings that are as functional as they are beautiful, helping your products stand the test of time.

Marca provides large cap manufacturers around the world with cost effective, high quality vacuum metallization coatings using our proprietary PVD sputtering deposition vacuum coating units. Our patented technologies in physical vapor deposition coatings eliminate labor and decrease part handling, all while improving part qualities and decreasing costs. Marca’s PVD coatings process also reduces common points of contamination and open processing windows, helping ensure your end product is consistently film coated to your exact specifications.

For three decades, Marca’s team of physical deposition coatings experts have worked hard to perfect the deposition of functional coatings directly onto plastic surfaces, with or without topcoats. We also design custom physical vapor deposition coating units using our proprietary sputtering deposition process for clients looking to fully integrate their manufacturing process with state-of-the-art physical vapor deposition coatings machines. Working with Marca will save you money and eliminate worries of an inferior product along with the hassles of working with an inexperienced team that doesn’t speak your language.

Reach out today and let us show you how we can improve the quality of your PVD coated plastic parts. We’ll save you time, money, and hassles with our innovative PVD coatings and metalizing technologies.