We have the world’s only inline plastic part metallizer capable of high volume, fast cycle metallization on the greatest variety of part sizes and geometries.

Marca’s fully-integrated inline Revolution 3D Metallizers provide superior quality metallized coatings for plastic and glass, without labor, at a fraction of the time and cost of competing PVD sputtering processes. The Revolution 3D cycles parts every 7-9 seconds, providing significantly higher part throughput at lower cost. Our patented vacuum metallization process provides significant cost reductions for plastic and glass metallization decoration with the additional benefit of better coverage, adhesion, and specular reflectivity than other PVD vacuum processes on the market today.

Quality is King. Marca’s Revolution 3D Vacuum Metallizers Give You What Others Cannot.

R3D AlbeaFirst of all, maintaining consistency and monitoring stringent ongoing quality requirements are the two greatest challenges for any metallization process. High fallout and rejection rates are commonplace due to the very nature of existing batch and sputtering PVD metallization technologies. Any number of factors, including the handling of parts at multiple stages, inconsistencies and delays in processing parts through the painting process can cause inefficiencies. Additionally, the metallization process itself can cause high fallout rates – and, in turn, dwindling profit margins.

Enter Marca’s Revolution 3D inline metallizers. With the Revolution 3D, the entire process is built around producing quality parts. This is because we have eliminated the root causes of inefficiency and poor part quality. As a result, our patented system allows for constant and continuous quality monitoring without the need to handle parts. Furthermore, the entire process can be customized to your specific quality standards. With minimal fallout, profits increase and labor costs plummet.

In typical sputtering and batch equipment, there’s a constant risk of losing entire batches. Every part metallized on an inline Marca vacuum metallization coating system is immediately inspected and quality assured, with no additional labor. Hence, this gives a significant advantage over existing technologies. As a result, Marca’s decoration systems can outperform the competition.

Marca’s fully integrated inline PVD Vacuum Metallizers eliminate labor costs

At Marca, we design, build, and manufacture our entire metallization coating line. Starting with automated loading, we customize an entire metallization production line around the Revolution 3D metallizer for your parts with the ultimate goal of maximizing quality while reducing costs. The single greatest cost of metallized coating is labor. Marca’s Revolution 3D inline equipment eliminates this cost through inline automation. So, whether you’re a molder of plastic or a decorator serving plastic and/or glass manufacturers, Marca’s inline PVD coating equipment provides you superior quality parts at a fraction of existing costs to decorate.

Low Cycle Times. More Parts Per Cycle. Higher Throughputs Make you Money.

We’ve designed the Revolution 3D inline vacuum metallizers and coating line to maximize the number of parts produced per hour. What’s more, because we design and build each coating decoration system specifically for you, we can promise flexibility of design for each type of plastic or glass part you wish to metallize. With cycle times between 7-9 seconds, we can produce consistent, high quality parts faster than any competitor. The sheer speed of these machines means higher profit margins and faster payback on your capital equipment investment. The flexibility to run various three-dimensional parts and part sizes at any given time, from one shift to the other, with minimal tooling or process changeover time maximizes your options for metallization decoration.

Finally, call to see how a Revolution 3D Inline vacuum coating line will work for you. Maximize your metallizing profitability