For over a decade, Marca has designed and built PVD vacuum equipment to produce top-quality decorative and functional metallization coatings for a variety of plastic parts. Our patented vacuum metallization technology saves us — and our customers — time and money by metallizing parts directly from the molding machine. Our inline metallization technology matches the throughput of the molding equipment so that parts can be instantaneously metallized without the need for a base-coat or top-coat layer.

From Molding Machine to Metallizer

gravity fed PVDAt the center of our mold-to-metallization PVD equipment is the CM40 metallizer. Currently, it produces nearly all of the metallized plastic forks, knives and spoons made in the United States. Each unit produces 80-100 million units per year. It metallizes each plastic fork, knife and spoon immediately after it emerges from the molding equipment. As a result, our PVD metallizer produces high quality, food grade parts without the need for base-coat, topcoat, or costly labor.

Additionally, we have employed the same patented process for the cellular phone industry. We produce decorative coatings which shield against electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference. Consequently, this patented equipment provides flexibility for manufacturers who are looking to provide decorative or functional metallized coatings on two-dimensional parts.

PVD Vacuum Sputtering

At Marca, we have optimized standard, widely-used industry techniques in PVD vacuum sputtering. Hence, our  equipment allows for faster production of metallized plastic parts, eliminating the need for a base- or top-coat.

We use a wide variety of metals for our coating process for our clients and their customers. As a result, we are able to apply various thicknesses and layers of differing metals with minimal variation or processing. This cuts down lead times and production costs. Our proprietary equipment is compatible with gravity-fed parts or parts moved through our vacuum systems mechanically. Therefore, it provides variability in metal thickness and type that our competitors simply can’t match.