Intellectual property that both changes and expands the capabilities of an industry are true hallmarks of innovation. Marca’s PVD coating services are no exception. Historically, PVD coating happens on  long-cycle (15-60 minutes) systems, at best with  plc control systems, still requiring manual labor.

Our PVD Coating Services Reduce PVD Coating CostMarca radically changed the playing field for PVD coating companies by bringing true in-line fast cycle PVD coatings (seconds) and UV-cured varnish systems to the packaging industry. Marca processes  plastic parts, regardless of geometry, without any handling, drastically reducing pvd coating cost. This includes some applications in line with the injection molding press.

Marca’s CM40 cutlery metallization system and Marca’s R3D cap and closure system are two examples. The patents for these build on one another, extending the technology in a continuous fashion. These include process and utility patents which created massive ripples in the industry. Marca’s advancements changed the face of metallization technology for suppliers.

Redefining Sputtering PVD for Plastic Parts

Marca developed a rotary gate valve for the CM40, which acts faster than any other pvd sputtering slit vacuum valve. This development allows a multitude of parts to pass from ambient pressure to high vacuum PVD processing pressures in milliseconds. It is durable to millions of cycles, and brings injection molding presses in line with metallization. Each system produces 80-100 million parts per year without manual labor. These advancements made the PVD coating price for metal cutlery economically feasible. We take our customers’ products from the realms of undifferentiated commodity to a high-value, high margin product. This ultimately results in higher demand. Marca enabled these changes in a market that had been non-existent.

PVD Coating for Three-Dimensional Parts

The R3D does for three-dimensional parts, such as jars, caps and closures, what the CM40 did for cutlery. The intellectual property covers integration of metallization inline with the uv varnish system, and the manner in which parts are metallized. It also assures uniform layers and coverage; the ability to create gradation effects consistently; the use of multiple cathodes oriented to allow handling of any geometry, and provides different PVD metal layers for both decorative and functional characteristics. All of this, along with the capability to process millions of parts per year without any manual handling from beginning to end, occurs within a small footprint of a square meter. These achievements represent Marca’s ability to leverage technological advancements to their fullest extent, all while reducing pvd coating costs for our clients.