metallizing equipmentMarca is a vertically integrated manufacturer with a 151-year background in manufacturing, with a history of machining nearly everything under the sun. As a result, we know how to create cost-effective and efficient tooling. We currently manufacture tooling and part handling systems for nearly every type of plastic cap, closure, jar, and bottle used in cosmetic and beauty packaging and the adult beverage industry. Our team can customize tooling on-the-fly to meet demands for high throughput and flawless quality. Every part matters, therefore you must have highly-developed efficient part handling. Marca ensures that every metallized part, whether in our facility or yours, has appropriate tooling to maximize quality and throughput.

In-house tooling and fabrication make all the difference

With tight margins, having the right tooling could very well be your competitive advantage. Too often, parts are lost on traditional coating lines due to ineffective or improper tooling. Furthermore,  time is lost switching between different toolings, not to mention the cost associated with using specific tooling for specific plastic parts.

At Marca, we custom-design and fabricate tooling used to run parts on our metallization equipment. We minimize costs by having in-house tooling capability. It also means we can create the greatest flexibility across part tooling when designing more “universal” tooling systems. With our own in-house production line and the experience that comes with metallizing and decorating millions of plastic parts each year, we have practical, real-time expertise in what works, and what doesn’t. Why leave this critical component to risk when metallizing your plastic parts? Turn to Marca and our breadth of manufacturing and metallization experience and abilities.