Patented PVD Finish for the application of nanometers worth of metal on any thickness plastic – Imagine the Possibilities!

PVD finish
Several years ago, Marca Coating Technologies  patented a PVD finishing process for applying a practically unlimited thickness of metallized coatings to plastic substrates. Based on our patented physical vapor deposition sputtering (PVD coating) processes, our thick layer metallization platform is the only low-temperature method of applying a significant level of thickness of metallized coatings to plastic parts without deforming the plastic itself. Now with this patented metallization technology, companies no longer rely on expensive and environmentally disastrous electroplating for their coating and metallization needs.

Thick Layer Metallization on Plastic – the perfect high quality, low cost solution for Functional Metallized Coatings

Marca Coating Technologies’s patented thick layer metallization process is perfect for companies looking for  metallized coatings for electromagnetic interference applications. Marca originally developed and deployed this technology for the cellular phone industry. We can work with your product development team to create customized PVD coating equipment capable of PVD finish coating parts at lower cost.

Our patented process allows the application of nearly any metal or metal alloy without a buildup of heat that would deform plastic parts. This allows Marca’s thick layer metallization process to provide far greater options for functional coatings to plastic parts. We now have the capability to apply multiple metallic coatings rapidly to achieve optimal coating thickness. Therefore, this patented PVD finish process allows for the deposition of different layers of different metals and/or alloys during the same production cycle. Our cycle times for plating plastic parts are typically a fraction of those found using traditional electroplating processes.

Better quality. Lower costs. No adverse effects. What are you waiting for? Call today to embark on a better, more cost-effective way to create functional metallization on your plastic parts and components.