Metallizing Services

Customized Physical Vapor Deposition Solutions For Your Functional Coating Needs for Composites, Plastic, Metal and Glass Parts

R3D - Metallizing ServicesIf you need  metallizing services, we have the most practical and cost-effective solution on the market. At Marca, we have been designing custom metallization solutions for plastic parts for over a decade.  We will tailor our equipment to meet the needs of the most stringent industry standard, whether you require our patented thick layer metallization process solution or a more standard variety of sputtering, hard coating, or cathodic-arc deposition. Marca Coating Technologies’s customized sputtering equipment provides exceptional quality at costs lower than any other metallization platforms and equipment.

Marca supplies customized metallization equipment to meet demanding criteria. We have expertise in areas as diverse as food service, cosmetic and personal care packaging, medical devices, cellular phones, Department of Defense applications, consumer electronics, and large consumer goods. Whether the application is functional or decorative, our equipment has fast cycle times that reduces or eliminates labor inputs and overall costs.

Electroplating is no longer cost-effective or environmentally responsible; but there’s a higher-quality, cost-efficient, environmentally sound option available! So make the switch to Marca Coating Technologies’ customized metallization equipment.

Creating functional metallized coatings for consumer or industrial uses does not need to be expensive or harm the environment. For decades, Marca Coating Technologies has been perfecting the design and build of metallization equipment that can apply nearly any metal or metal alloy to composite plastic, metal or glass.

Many metallization companies and equipment suppliers provide static equipment options that may not meet customer or industry needs. In contrast, Marca designs each metallizer with the unique requirements of the customer in mind. With fast-cycle metallization equipment designed to meet your specifications, you can guarantee your customers the highest throughput and lowest cost.