Marca Coating Technologies designs and builds fully automated manufacturing lines.

pressure-vesselsMarca, continuing the work started by Knowlton Machine, designs and manufactures fully-automated and integrated manufacturing systems. Marca provides its customers manufacturing machinery and process equipment in complete lean manufacturing cells. Our in-house team of mechanical and electrical engineers are expertly trained in integrated, automated systems. They serve a wealth of industries from PVD coatings equipment to ASME pressure vessel process equipment and automotive systems.

Marca Coating Technologies is a vertically integrated manufacturing company

You need only one source for PVD coating machines. Marca reduces the costly process OEMs traditionally go through to expand their PVD capabilities and offerings. In addition, Marca designs and manufactures our customers’ concepts for them, allowing direct, cost-effective entry into unrealized markets. We provide one location and set of resources for design, machining, and assembly. Ultimately, Marca  reduces the costs required to take your business to the next level.

We create and design entirely new integrated systems in order to automate current manual processes and retrofit machine tools with pick-and-place systems. We modernize existing machines with state-of-the-art technology and design complete lean manufacturing cells to comply with the demands of Six Sigma manufacturing standards. Marca brings to bear a set and breadth of capabilities rarely found under one roof.

We Design, Engineer and Build the Most Efficient and Cost Effective Equipment – It’s All We Do

Marca Coating Technologies is more than a world class designer and patent holder on PVD metallization equipment. As a continuation of the Knowlton Machine Engineering company, Marca services and builds equipment for the pulp and paper, automotive, and consumer services industry. We  provide high quality design and build services in conformance with our customer’s expectations. From our ASME code work designing and fabricating pressure vessels for the reclamation of freon gasses to the machining and welding of industrial mixers that create toner for the world’s printers and copiers, Marca Coating Technologies has the full range of in-house, vertically integrated manufacturing abilities.