Check Out These Innovative PVD Vacuum Metalizing Plastic Solutions:

Differentiate! Better. Faster. Cheaper.

At Marca, we have optimized vacuum metalizing to create the highest quality, low cost decorative and functional metallized coatings. By focusing on processes, cycle times and part throughput, we have created metallization equipment capable of running higher volumes of plastic parts at lower production costs than competing equipment on the market. This focus and innovation in PVD sputtering technique has resulted in vacuum metalizing plastic equipment capable of creating functional and decorative metallized coatings on plastics without the need for expensive base or topcoats.

Vacuum Metalizing Plastic with Various Metals

We use a wide variety of metals for our coating process in order to meet the unique needs of our clients and their customers. We stand out from the crowd with our ability to apply vacuum metalizing plastic in various thicknesses and layers of differing metals with minimal variation or processing, which cuts down lead times and production costs. Compatible with gravity-fed parts or parts moved through our vacuum systems mechanically, our proprietary equipment can provide variability in metal thickness and type that our competitors simply can’t match.