All that glitters is not gold. It’s also silver. Or translucent. Or Gradient.

Stand out with Marca.

gold plating plastic metallization

At Marca, choose from traditional, high-quality plastic metallization effects with better adhesive properties than with any other system. Expect more from your decorator. Using patented physical vapor deposition technologies that provide variable-speed rotation, higher sputtering energies, and closer part-to-substrate range, Marca creates superior metallized plastic parts. As a result we have been recognized by numerous Fortune 500 companies in the cosmetic, personal care, liquor, and consumer appliance industries as providing metallized plastic parts with the highest quality and aesthetic in the industry.

Our metallization technologies allow us to provide uniform, consistent metallization to all three dimensional caps, closures, jars and bottles regardless of the metal desired. While silver or gold plating plastic are our most common coatings, we don’t stop there. We have the unique metallization capability to provide coatings from sheer translucence, eye-catching gradients, or two-toned metallic effects for a wow factor unavailable from other decoration lines.

Marketing Wants New Looks for Plastic Metallization. We have them!

gradient plastic metallizationYou want a decorator who can produce high-quality, cost-effective silver and gold plating plastic looks, but your marketing department wants more. We’ve got you covered.

Marca’s unique PVD vacuum sputtering metallization equipment provides unique metallization affects that our competitors’ industry-standard equipment can’t hope to match. Simple programmable menus on our equipment allow for on-the-fly changes to produce various layers and thicknesses of metal coatings. With configurable combinations of metal targets we can create nearly any look your customer desires. We combine our patented part rotation system and the fast-cycle, high throughput of our patented chambers. We can fulfill jobs of any quantity at a fraction of the price of the obsolete technologies of our competitors. So send us your plastic parts and let us show you how our metallization can transform a basic cap, closure, jar or bottle into an eye-catching gradient, translucent, or color-changing asset to your product today.

Enjoy a new universe of options at NO ADDITIONAL COST. It doesn’t cost us more to provide you each of the various metallized decorative looks to plastic or glass than it would to make them simple “silver” or “gold,” so we don’t pass on arbitrary “customization costs” to you or your customers. You will save money and maintain flexibility from one set of parts to another. High, consistent quality and low scrape rates will remain the same.

Send us a parts sample today, and we’ll coat them with brilliant colors, gradients, or patterns to impress your clients.