Decorative Metallization

decorative metal finishingMarca Coating Technologies provides the world’s only patented, high-throughput inline decorative metal finishing for plastic and glass-packaging manufacturers who need to either subcontract metallization decoration or eventually bring PVD metallization in-house. At Marca, we have virtually eliminated the need for metallization labor. With our own fully-integrated Revolution 3D metallizer coating line, we can replace your current supplier’s costly and inefficient batch and plating processes. We produce the highest quality decorative metal parts in North America with costs at or below every other plastic metallization decorator.

Stop Paying Higher Prices and Getting Inconsistent Quality

Our equipment operates seamlessly within our own custom-designed UV painting line so that caps, closures, jars and bottles are loaded and unloaded without being touched. This reduction reduces costs. It also ensures that your metallized parts aren’t being handled in a way that adversely affects part quality. Your parts will look spectacular and are produced at a fraction of the cost of alternative processes.

Marca’s PVD sputtering equipment produces superior metallized decoration of plastic and glass. We know because the world’s leading beauty, personal care, and liquor packaging brands have recognized Marca for the superior quality of our vacuum metallization process on critical materials such as caps, closures, jars, and bottles.

With a true inline metallization process, we are able to reduce scrap rates for decorative metal finishing well below current methods used with traditional vacuum systems. By producing more parts, better and faster, we are able to pass our savings in metallization production costs on to our customers.

Better Customer Service. Customized Tooling to Meet Your Needs. How About That?

At Marca, we pride ourselves on addressing and meeting the particular requirements and needs of each of our potential customers. We customize our process for each three-dimensional part we metallize, whether they are unique in shape or similar to those already in the marketplace. Due to the flexible nature of the Revolution 3D metallizers in our line, we are able to work with customers from any industry to achieve a greater breadth of decorative looks and effects than any other system on the market.

As a fully integrated manufacturer with a focus on PVD sputtering equipment, we have the resources and capabilities in-house to design and build our own tooling for any application that comes our way. We therefore provide a superior metallized part for less money, and provide significant additional value through our in-house tooling.