Decorative metal finishing that lets products shine without breaking the bank.

Decorative metal finishing shouldn’t be expensive, labor intensive, or so full of pitfalls they slow the growth of your business. Marca provides state-of-the-art decorative metallization technologies for large scale manufacturers throughout the world, reducing costs and eliminating headaches with our own fully-integrated Revolution 3D metallizer coating line.

decorative metal finishing

Eliminate long lead times, poor quality control, and high shipping costs commonly associated with overseas suppliers by bringing your large scale PVD decorative metallization in-house. Or, let Marca’s highly-skilled decorative metallization experts handle the process entirely, from conceptual planning straight through delivery of a nearly flawless product.

Whether you’re producing 1 million parts a year or 40 million, Marca provides the world’s only patented, high-throughput decorative metal finishing for plastic and glass manufacturers.  With custom tooling and a strong commitment to individualized customer service, we’ll help you turn out an end product that makes you proud, all while saving time and money.

Rountinely working with parts as small as 50mm or as large as 110mm, we help clients in the beauty and personal care, writing implement, technology, and beverage industries develop cost-effective decorative metallization processes without sacrificing form or function.

Count on our PVD sputtering equipment produces superior metallized decoration on plastic or glass, and on critical and highly visible materials such as caps, closures, jars, and bottles.

We’re proud to be the industry leader in decorative metal finishing. For 10 years, we’ve worked hard to earn our customers trust by focusing on what they want and need: beautifully decorative metal finishing for plastic and glass-packing manufacturers in the cosmetic, personal care, liquor and writing implements industrieswithout waste, headaches, or high costs. Marca does it faster, better, and cheaper, and that’s a winning combination. Reach out today and speak with an expert on the latest decorative metallization technologies.