Vacuum Film Coating for Functional Plastic Parts using Sputtering Deposition

Marca’s patented physical vapor deposition technologies allow us to provide functional vacuum metallization coatings on plastic, metal, and glass parts for a variety of industrial uses. Whether the substrate requiring metallization needs a basecoat and topcoat, or can be metallized directly without a need for a coating layer, Marca has proven vacuum film coating technologies that eliminate labor and part handling, which decreases costs and improves part qualities.Functional Metallization - handle before and after

Marca can metallize a wide variety of plastics without the need for a basecoat. Therefore Marca can apply functional coatings to your parts below the cost of your current supply chain. By using a fully automated process Marca provides increased quality and throughput. This reduces the manufacturing process  without the common points of contamination and open processing windows.

Sputter Coating Machine Benefits

Using Marca as your metallization source for functional coatings benefits your company in both the short and long term. Through our Revolution 3D Metallization technology and our Plastics Vapor Deposition Technologies we supply functional metallized coatings. Whether you require LED lighting; reflectors for flashlights; buttons and bezels for large consumer and/or white goods such as washers, dryer, or ovens, or bathroom fixtures, Marca’s film coating machines can meet your needs.

We can also help our customers bring sputtering deposition capabilities in-house, enhancing the long-term growth of their business. Marca offers customized PVD sputter coating machinges built to your product specifications.

Marca brings decades of experience to bear on the metallization and automation process. When a plastic part requires metallization, we can help your company automate the process internally, marrying metallizer to molding unit. Beginning with our CM40 cutlery metallizer, Marca is perfecting the deposition of functional coatings. We are doing this directly to plastic surfaces out of molding equipment without base or topcoats. In addition, we have designed several PVD sputtering deposition vacuum coating units, based on patented technologies.

Call or email us and let us show you how we can improve the quality of your plastic parts. We look forward to partnering in your growth using Marca’s innovative metallizing technologies.