A Very Long And Proud History Of Excellence…

Marca Coating Technologies, LLC represents an amalgamation of extremely talented engineers, designers, programmers, machinists, fabricators, and assemblers. Marca Coating Technologies, LLC proudly purchased, and has continued the work began by Knowlton Machine Engineering, originally known as Knowlton Machine, a Maine company founded as a general-purpose job shop in 1864 by John Knowlton in order to serve the paper and textile industries of the greater Portland area. During Knowlton’s first 90 years of existence, it innovated and developed a number of machine product lines including cut-off saws, paper embossing equipment, and other customized paper processing machinery.

machined-partsAfter the Knowlton family sold the business in 1954, the focus shifted to power transition systems where the business quickly became one of the nation’s major suppliers. Through the 1980’s into the 1990’s, the convergence of the company’s continually evolving capabilities and growth and strong financial position, (not to mention an unfortunate fire that gutted its facility) lead to its relocation from Westbrook to its current location in Gorham, Maine.

Over this time, Knowlton continued to expand not only the diversity of talent within its engineering department but its internal resources through its utilization of state of the art manufacturing equipment. In addition to the acquisition of standard machine tools such as mills, lathes, and two large horizontal boring mills, it also acquired many standard and large sized CNC machine tools. By greatly increased and automating its fabrication capabilities, and constructing an electronics controls assembly room, machine assembly area, and a plastics fabrication and welding area, KME became a sole-source manufacturer of entire machine systems while remaining at the forefront of manufacturing in New England.

In 2010, Marca Coating Technologies, looking to further strengthen its position as a leader in PVD metallization and to expand it’s capabilities, reached out to one of its largest vendors at the time, Knowlton Machine Engineering regarding acquisition in an effort to strengthen both companies. Through the acquisition, Marca Coating Technologies added significant engineering, designing, and assembly capabilities, not to mention immeasurable manufacturing and production experience that positioned us to become a global and industry leader in vacuum metallization equipment and production techniques. By 2015, Marca Coating Technologies had placed six Revolution 3d Metallizers throughout Europe, supplied seven CM40 plastic cutlery metallizers in the US, and was operating a successful pilot production line at our facility in Gorham. This year Marca will install its first full Inline Revolution 3D coating line in the United States and has expanded its pilot line into a full Inline Metallization Coating line servicing the cosmetic, personal care, and liquor markets with metallized caps and closures.