100_1311Marca’s patented PVD metallization process and equipment are some of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly methods of metallization available. Our PVD equipment creates neither waste nor pollutants. The only byproduct of operating a Marca-made metallizer is an insignificant amount of spent target material (in most cases, 6061 aluminum) that accumulates over the course of millions of cycles that is easily disposed without need of costly permits or licensing.

Marca’s technologies provide the obvious environmental and cost efficient alternative to electroplating. For years, legislation in the United States, North America and Europe has had a large impact on the plating industry, that when coupled with spiraling metal, chemical, energy and water costs makes it necessary for companies with or relying on existing plating operations as part of their supply chain, to immediately start looking for alternatives. Marca, and our ability to supply either our existing lines of PVD metallization solutions, or our ability to customize and design fast cycle metallization equipment to meet your industry specific needs provides the perfect low cost, high quality alternative.

Marca’s technologies produce little in the way of environmental hazards. Isn’t it time to switch? The environment, let alone your bottom line, can’t afford otherwise.