Plastic Metallization

r3d Plastic Metallization

Marca Coating Technologies, LLC is a fully integrated manufacturing company. First of all, we focus on providing the highest quality alternative to plating on plastic, or electroplating plastic: vacuum metallization. Our equipment and services are the highest quality across industries in the United States and abroad. We currently offer two distinct PVD vacuum metallization platform for general application. The Revolution 3D Inline vacuum metallizer and fully automated UV coating line produces caps, closures, jars and bottles. The CM40 is a plastic cutlery metallizer. In addition, we offer unparalleled design, engineering, and build capabilities for custom vacuum metallization equipment.

Marca Coating Technologies has positioned itself as a market leader in the manufacture and production of metallized equipment and the functional and decorative coating of metallized plastic parts (without actually electroplating plastic).

Can Marca’s Plastic Metalizing Process Replace Plastic Metal Coating?

We started this company on the notion that a faster, better, and cheaper method for coating and metallizing plastic parts existed. We created systems capable of replacing all  methods of plating on plastic and PVD evaporation and sputtering. Years of perfecting our craft and deploying systems across the United States and Europe has validated this notion. Marca Coating Technologies provides companies the ability to replace their cost inefficient metallization equipment, coating lines, and metallization suppliers.

Our Process Automates Plastic Metallization

Located in Gorham, Maine, we are currently serving a wide variety of industries in the build of vacuum metallization equipment, coating lines, and automated manufacturing equipment. Our intention is to aggressively grow the applications of our metallization technologies. Therefore, we will service the broad swath of industries who can no longer rely on electroplating plastic or other inefficient methods. Most noteworthy, we dedicate ourselves to providing high quality, innovative, and low cost metallization solutions. We help industries that are looking for automated services and to differentiate themselves and their products.