© 2011 Marca Coating Technologies, LLC - All Rights Reserved Marca Coating Technologies LLC, a global innovator in vacuum metalizing and vacuum coating technologies, has a full compliment of value added coatings services and machines. MCT provides the unique advantage of being a designer and builder of in-line vacuum metallization equipment and a provider of metallizing and coating services. Using state-of-the-art physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating systems, Marca’s R3D, CM40 and PVI metallizers offer a true in-line sputtering process that eliminates the need for traditional batch metallizers and electroplating. Marca’s contract manufacturing provides cutting edge coating and metallization services that can meet all of your decorative needs: metallized glass, metallized plastics, uv cured paint lines, hot and foil stamping, pad and screen printing, or a custom designed combination of any of the above. Our vacuum metallizing equipment, asynchronous paint line, and various coating technologies, allow MCT to enable your company to improve its competitive advantage in the global market-place. Welcome Plastic Metallization | Custom Chrome Applications | Metalizing Quick Contact John Shaw General Manager jshaw@marcamachine.com p 1-207-854-8471 ext. 102 c 1-207-415-3006 Frederick Veitch President / CEO fveitch@marcamfg.com p 1-207-854-8471 ext. 121 Industries Served Cosmetic and Personal Care Liquor Caps & Packaging Packaging Consumer Products General Industrial Electronics Defense and Aerospace Specialty Engineering Automotive Applications Links Custom Manufacturing Systems Six-Sigma Lean Manufacturing PVD Systems  Customized ASME Pressure Vessels ISO 9001 Standards Metalizing and Coating Services - True Inline Metallization and Coating Equipment